The TBC Approach...

TBC Energy, LLC (“TBC”) is a privately owned, Tulsa, Oklahoma based oil and gas firm that focuses on the acquisition, enhancement, drilling and subsequent sale of already proven Oklahoma oil field reserves.
For a better understanding of what TBC does, one might look to the real estate investor who travels to the best side of town and purchases the most neglected property in the neighborhood. The real estate investor invests capital to improve the property and then sells the property for a profit at the then going best neighborhood rates.
TBC has applied this “fixer-upper,” real estate mentality as its approach to capitalize on opportunities available in the Oklahoma oil and gas market.
TBC only purchases leases that have been previously drilled and at one time were, or are, currently producing oil. TBC does not engage in “wildcat” drilling and exploration. TBC's mission is enhancing and recovering proven and existing reserves, rather than attempting to uncover new oil discoveries.
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